Ikyawann 14 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 13, 2017

Ikyawann 14 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 15 December 2017 Precap

Susheel gets close to her clue and they reach the chemistry lab. Everyone cheers for Susheel while Satya comes there and says she has got the key but he will win. Susheel searches for the scroll while she falls a chemical glass. Susheel finds the scroll while she feels dizzy and falls down. Gulabo assigns work to Sejal while she is still sad. Kali and Vishu look at her sadly. Kali asks her how Vishu used to console her when she used to be sad. Vishu says she has never been this quite before and she is always cheerful. Vishu gets an idea to make her happy and comes to make banana shake for her. Leela comes there and Vishu says she also like banana shake. Leela agrees that she likes banana shake. Leela asks her to make banana shake. Sejal gets in her funky mode and puts banana in Leela's mouth and asks her to enjoy and twists her round and round and she starts laughing dreaming about it. Vishu says he and Sejal will go to Switzerland for honeymoon. Sejal gets excited. Kali asks him to book tickets. Gulabo tells Sejal that there is no need of getting so excited as they have to tell Leela about it. Leela listens to her and asks what is she speaking about. Satya comes to the chemistry lab and searches for the scroll. Satya puts his hand on the chloroform and runs back and he washes his hands. Satya gets the scroll while he does not notice Susheel there. Susheel throws the mug to make noise and she again falls some chemical. Satya looks that she is unconscious. Satya thinks about the bet and the challenge. He takes some water in the mug and sprinkles on Susheel. Satya drags her as the chemical comes towards her. Satya googles about if someone gets faint in a chemistry lab then what should they do. He gets the answer hydrogen sulfate and he searches for it and he finds it. Susheel gets up and Satya holds her. Susheel and Satya have a eye lock moment while Satya feels that God is supporting him in his game and he thinks to lift her. Satya lifts Susheel. Sejal makes the juice and gives to Leela. Leela says snow land and says it is cold and nice. Vishu corrects her saying that it is Switzerland. Leela takes the ice tray and puts the juice in it. Leela says she will book the tickets once the pooja gets done. The Pandit ji arrives home. Leela does some action to Jhano saying that pandit has arrived. Satya asks his friends to bring the first aid box. Satya calls his mother and he asks her what to apply when someone gets hurt. Kali asks Satya if he is fine and gets worried. Susheel takes the call and tells Kali about it. Kali asks her if Satya did something. Satya takes the call. She asks him to apply antiseptic cream. Kali asks him that what is he doing with Susheel in the college till the time he cuts the call. Satya takes the cream and apply it to Susheel. Susheel looks at Satya. Satya applies the bandage and arranges the box correctly. Susheel friends come there and call her as they got the scroll. Susheel runs to them. Satya says there is no need of saying sorry and he turns back and looks she has gone. Susheel runs while Satya also follows her. Satya gets a cramp in his leg while running and Susheel reaches the destination. They ask Susheel's team to sing a song according to the rules. Susheel and her team sings Ram-Leela. Satya says its good that she won as next round will be equal equal and they deserve this win saying that he did not want to cheat. Susheel looks at him and says he would have win the match but he helped me. Sir announces Susheel's team as winner in this round while Susheel asks him not to give them points.

Precap: Susheel tells them about how Satya helped her. Susheel says he would have taken the scroll and ran away but he helped her. Satya feels good and gives his hand of friendship to Susheel. Susheel also does the same.

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