Ikyawann 17th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 17, 2018

Ikyawann 17th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 18th January 2018 Precap

Leela accepts the proposal. Mehul is shocked. Leela brings shagun for Mehul's family. Leela opens it and shows the helemt. They look at it shockingly. Leela says she was kidding and she takes the helmet and shows the red saree and jewellery she bought for Susheel. Leela asks them to keep Susheel happy as later she will come to my house and she will keep her happy. Leela leaves while she tells Mehul that he took the right decision telling her the truth. Mehul is shocked. Bakhe and others thank her. Bakhe, Naresh and Darika are happy. Darika gives Mehul sweet while he refuses to eat. Mehul says he is confused on her decision. While, Bakhe explains him. Bakhe asks Mehul to start the preparations. Meanwhile, Satya and Susheel are on the way home. Susheel comes home and Bakhe is happy. Susheel brings gifts for everyone. They are shocked if Susheel knows about her marriage. Susheel gives a shawl to Bakhe and a saree for Darika. She also gives gift to her mama and brothers and Mehul. On the other hand, Mehul hugs Susheel and says they are happy for her marriage as they know she loves Satya. Susheel is shocked and says my marriage? Susheel asks them what are they talking about.

Ikyawann 17th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Susheel shows them the contract and she got advance money for it and she was talking about this marriage. Bakhe gets angry and shouts at her. Susheel says she is doing this for them. Susheel says she likes Satya but she does not know him completely and she needs time. Susheel says she can't marry now. Bakhe throws his stick in anger and Leela hears this. She says they have always listened no. Leela shows her slippers which were stuck in mud and she came to clean it. They look at her shockingly. Susheel goes to clean Leela's slippers. Bakhe says she don't have to worry they will talk about it to her. Leela says kids grow up to make their parents proud by going their parents way. Leela walks towards Mehul saying did he teach her the same. Leela says if the past repeats then.. Bakhe says no they won't repeat. Leela leaves. Bakhe asks Mehul to convince Susheel anyhow. Mehul gets emotional. Susheel washes the slippers and thinks whatever Bakhe said. Leela comes there and says she won't be able to clean it. Susheel says she tried to clean it. Leela asks her to on the tap while Susheel starts the shower. Leela gets furious and says she came here for her proposal and she is behaving like this. She asks her to leave. She asks Jhano to record whatever they are talking outside.


Leela tells Satya about Kiran's past. She tells him that Mehul is Susheel's father and she asks Satya to marry Susheel and make torture her. Satya is shocked.

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