Ikyawann 18 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 17, 2017

Ikyawann 18 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19 December 2017 Precap

Sejal comes home with a covered box. Leela laughs at her saying that she has failed. While, Sejal asks her to wait and shows her the mouse. Vishu says thank God he is saved. Leela and Jhano get shocked. Gulabo gets impressed while Leela gets furious. Satya looks at Susheel near his house and he runs out before she could enter and he stops her. Leela gets furious and they begin the aarti. Sejal enjoys. Susheel gives his wallet. Satya thinks he did it intentionally to know Susheel's feelings. Satya says sorry that he could not take her in as Dadi hates her and would have created a huge drama. Satya says she could have given him this wallet tomorrow and says she wanted to meet him. Leela gets furious over Jhano and she thows the mouse box. The mouse comes out and starts running here and there. Everyone starts running behind the mouse. The mouse falls inside the jar and he loses his white color. Leela finds that it was a black mouse. Leela looks at Sejal angrily. Susheel comes home. Fui Ba starts complaining about her neighbours daughter saying that she used to lie home and goes to meet boys. She questions Susheel about it. Susheel says no and starts laughing. Susheel says he friends keep saying about such things and says she thought about when Mehul will ask her such question. Mehul says he has full trust on Susheel and Shivam and if she has something like this then she will come to me and tell me about it. Leela comes to the room with the mouse and shows her the box with the mouse. Sejal shows the letter she found and shows it to Leela. Sejal shows it to Jhano. Leela and Sejal find out each other's secrets. Sejal leaves and Leela says Jhano that let her go. Leela says she is cleaver and no like Gulabo. Sejal listens it and says she will doom her if she tries to create problem for her. Meanwhile, The final competition is about to begin. They ask to pick the chits for dance competition. Elsewhere, Satya and Susheel face each other as Shiv and Parvati in a dance competition. Susheel tells him that he again started cheating but picking up this chit. Susheel goes to get ready but her crown and costume is yet not ready. Satya gets ready and reaches the stage. Susheel comes there with half Parvati and half Shiv's costume. She tells everyone that he costume was misplaced and hence she came like this. Susheel says this is a new thinking. Besides, Satya takes her side and tells Susheel's dialogue of extra efforts.

Precap: Satya and Susheel start their performance. Susheel and Satya have a face off. Lets see who wins this competition.

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