Ikyawann 18th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 18, 2018

Ikyawann 18th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 19 January 2018 Precap

Jhano records Susheel and her family's conversation. Bakhe tells her that Satya is a nice guy. Susheel says Satya is also not working now and he must have to settle now. Darika says why does he have to work. Meanwhile, Leela comes out and says she is leaving. Bakhe asks Leela for some time. Leela says she forgot the past and came here for his son and she leaves. Satya looks at his new bike gifted by Leela. Satya is happy. Meanwhile, Susheel is tensed and Mehul comes to talk to her. Susheel is angry she says Mehul used to support her but now he is also standing against her. Susheel says she is not against the marriage but she needs time as she is not ready for it. Mehul says she can also handle the Parekh decorators after marriage. Mehul asks her to speak to Satya once. Leela hears the video conversation taken by Jhano and decides to take another step to convince Satya. Susheel goes to Bakhe's room and gives him the shawl she bought for him. Bakhe keeps it in his cupboard and brings a bag from it. He gives the bag to Susheel and asks her to open it which has her childhood cloth, her goggles. Bakhe requests Susheel for this alliance. Bakhe says he will be happier if she gets married. Susheel thinks of talking to Satya once. Meanwhile, Satya comes to meet Leela and thanks her for the gift.

Ikyawann 18th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Satya gives her a ring as gift. Leela is happy while she says this ring is destined for someone else. Leela says she will be his teacher. She says she wants him to make Susheel wear this ring. Leela says Susheel's family came here for their alliance. Satya gets a call from Susheel. Satya is furious and says now he will ask her about it. While Leela stops him. She says her family wants to enjoy my status and money and she shows him the video. Satya feels they are cheap and wicked looking at video. Satya says he will never accept this alliance. Leela says no he has to accept the alliance and asks him to marry her and then leave her.


Leela asks Kiran if she will get married in front of Satya. She says yes and shows Mehul's tattoo in her hand. Leela tells Satya that Mehul is Susheel's father who refused Kiran and he is responsible for her condition today. Leela asks Satya to hurt Susheel in such a way that Mehul learns a lesson. Satya is shocked.

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