Ikyawann 1st January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 01, 2018

Ikyawann 1st January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 2nd January 2018 Precap

Naresh and Shivam search for Susheel and Satya. Satya asks Susheel why does she get scared of him. Susheel says she is not scared but she feels awkward. She will tell him if she needs some help. Susheel walks ahead and tells him that she wants to go home. Satya brother tells him that he will not win the bet. Susheel asks him to stop a auto. Satya says he will drop her from his car while it is puctured. Susheel laughs at him. He looks for the mechanic while Susheel tells him that she knows how to change the tire. Satya gets impressed. Satya starts the radio in the car. Susheel looks at him and smiles. Satya asks about why she is laughing. She says she was thinking about her dadaji. The radio RJ says that there is not so much time so don't waste your time and propose the person you love. Susheel asks him if he thinks girls should not do such things. Satya says there is no use of this things for a girl to learn. Susheel leaves the tire and says he asked her not to change. Satya asks her to change the tire. Susheel puts the black color in Satya's face which makes him angry. Susheel walks away while he holds her hand and tells her to say sorry. Susheel asks him not to fake his acting. Susheel says she is getting late and wants to go home. She says there is only 5 min left for New Year. Susheel starts to make the tire while he asks her to leave. 

Ikyawann 1st January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Satya proposes Susheel and the romantic song plays in the radio. Susheel remembers all those times when Satya helped her. She walks towards him. Susheel writes I_U in his head. Satya asks her for the answer. Susheel asks him to check his head. Satya says it is I_U. What does _ mean? Susheel leaves home while he asks her answer. Satya asks her to fill the blank or else he will assume it to be hate. Susheel turns around and again walks towards him. Susheel makes a heart in the blank space and says Happy New Year. Satya is happy and he tells him brother that there is nothing impossible for him. Naresh and Shivam ask Susheel about what happened. Susheel keeps on smiling. They get confused. Satya comes home and he tells Leela that she confessed her love to him. Susheel comes home and Bakhe compliments her saying that she looks good in such dresses. Mehul asks her about why she is so late and he finds grease in her hands. Leela is happy and she says that Susheel will cry whole night. She says that he made a small mistake. She says it is a matter of pride for her and not a joke. Susheel says she was helping someone to change the tire. Bakhe shouts her for working like a guy. Mehul asks if she is fine. Mehul asks her to rest. Mehul tells her that it was Satya's car, right? Susheel says yes. Mehul smiles. Satya asks her to have patience and her heart will get shattered. 

Leela asks Satya if he has taken this bet seriously and has fallen in love with her. Leela says if such situation arrives then he will have to choose someone between Leela and Susheel.

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