Ikyawann 20 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 19, 2017

Ikyawann 20 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 21 December 2017 Precap

Satya enters Susheel's house in his costume and Darika and Dadaji get shocked to witness Lord Shiva. The grooms family also come behind him. They assume Satya to be Mr Shah and makes him seated. Dadaji questions the family about why did they bring his son like this. Satya says he came to meet Susheel and Darika says we know that. Satya says he wants to change while Darika says he is looking good in this get up. Darika asks Shivam to show his jija ji the house. Shivam agrees to take Satya along. Satya is confused. The family gets confused too and they say that your daughter likes to get dressed in Shiv's clothing. Darika thinks do they know about Susheel's tomboy attitude and they refuse saying about it. Mehul gets confused to and he looks at them. The women says she performed so well today as Shiv and Parvati. Satya goes to change in the bathroom and the mannequin is in his room. Susheel gets ready and starts to wear the bangle given by fui ba. Satya looks at the mannequin and he starts talking while his watch falls and he site to pick it. Susheel enters the same room and goes inside the bathroom. He looks at the mannequin. Meanwhile the bathroom door opens up and Satya looks at Susheel. Satya keeps on looking at her. Susheel is busy putting in her bangles. Satya calls her and says sorry and he would have loose the competition if she would have not been there looking at the mannequin. Susheel calls him and he acts to get sacred and he shows the mannequin. He says that he thought the mannequin is you. Susheel asks him about what is he doing here. Satya says he wanted to thank her and thus he came in the Shiv's get up. Satya helps her in putting the bangles. He opens it and puts in Susheel's hands. Susheel looks at Satya. Satya asks her about this and she says its a long story. Meanwhile, Darika calls Susheel. Satya hides the mannequin and asks Susheel to go inside the bathroom. Satya says he know whats wrong is wrong and what right is right and tries to tell Susheel's dialogue and asks her to run. Darika and Dadaji come there and she asks Satya that he is the guy where Susheel organised the wedding. Satya agrees. Darika asks about the teachers out who were talking about the competition and he agrees on it too. Darika says it means Susheel lied to me and she knocks the window angrily and the mannequin falls down. Everyone gets shocked. Susheel comes out. Dadaji asks the truth to Susheel. Sejal dances with Kiran and gives her the juice. Kiran slaps her and they start arguing. Leela comes there ans the song starts playing again. Sejal and Kiran start dancing. Leela shouts at Sejal for troubling Kiran and Sejal apologizes. Leela gives a cold massage to her feet. Kiran laughs and shows her Satya and Susheel's picture together. Leela gets furious. Dadaji gets angry. Susheel admits that they did wrong but they helped her so that she can win the competition. Susheel says its her mstake too and she asks him to shout at her. Everyone start putting blame on themselves. Naresh apologizes Mehul and Mehul hugs him. Mehul tells his grandpa that Susheel is not wrong but their thinking is wrong. He again supports Susheel. Satya thinks what drama is going on. Satya interferes and says that Susheel is honest and she played the competition well. Mehul feels proud. Satya tells Darika that she had the confidence like her in the dancing. Darika smiles. Satya says they both have won the trophy and thus he came here. Dadaji says if both have won then bring the trophy. Satya hands the trophy to Susheel. Teachers say both have won so they have 2 trophy. Everyone calp for both. Leela calls Satya again and again. Satya gets ready to leave in his bike while Susheel calls him. Susheel says thank you. Leela calls him again. Satya says Dadi can wait but his bet cannot. He keeps his phone but unfortunately he he scolls it up and the video call begins. Leela accidentally makes a video call and spots Satya along with Susheel.

Precap: A shopkeeper asks Susheel to become friends with Satya as he cares for her a lot. Susheel looks at him and smiles. Leela tells Satya that he will never take such decision that will hurt her and says Satya will never get into any relationship which she hates and not even friendship.

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