Ikyawann 22 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 21, 2017

Ikyawann 22 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 25 December 2017 Precap

Preparations begin in Satya's house for the pooja. Leela asks to walk Sejal towards the way with aarti. Sejal agrees to do. Mehul talks to Susheel and he talks about Satya. While leaving a bill falls from Susheel's bag and the name is of Satya in the bill. Mehul asks her about it. Susheel says it is the bill of the clothes of her and Satya and they have same clothing for the dandiya night. Sejal gets ready and starts walking. Flashback begins when Sejal finds that Leela had arraged some glasses along with the rose petals on her way and she gets shocked. Sejal walks over it and she bleeds. Vishu looks her in pain and runs to stop while Gulabo stops him. Kali runs to bring the first aid box. Sejal was about to complete and Leela is furious. Leela feels that she learned that nobody works in front of her. Satya calls Susheel and they talk about the dandiya night. Dadaji was in pain and she asks Satya to fix an appointment of his dadaji with his mother. Satya says she can come anytime she wants. Satya cuts the call and tells his brother that she is so much boring. Satya says he does not even like standing with her. Sejal goes to Kali's room and she shows her legs. She says she stuck a red colored bag in her leg and hence she does not need a bandage. Kali looks at her shockingly. Sejal changed the glasses with the plastic. Vishu gets furious and leaves. Sejal goes to stop him. Vishu decides to burst on Leela while Kali and Sejal stops her. Kali calms Vishu says Sejal is smart and she knows how to answer people. Vishu says but Leela will keep on troubling her. Sejal says she has idea for it too as Leela will come to her and apologize her too. Leela keeps the God's idol correctly while finds the trophy behind. She looks Susheel's name with Satya's name and gets furious. Leela also checks the dandiya clothes. Leela says now Satya will tell me the truth. Satya comes home and he looks at the clothes and trophy outside. He gets worried and decides to hide it again. His brother says if Leela would have found it then she would have made many calls. Leela comes there again and looks that clothes and trophy are not there. She says Satya has came and he took it away. She says that girl will not enter this house. Meanwhile, Susheel practice playing dandiya with her mama and brother. Susheel laughs looking at them playing. Darika comes there and she starts playing dandiya with them while she gets hurt. Leela comes to Satya's room. She asks him about where he was for the whole day. He says he has a friend Su... Suraj. Leela asks if he will be home tomorrow. Satya says he will be going out with Suraj. Leela feeds him and asks if it is nice. Satya says it is delicious. Leela gets furious and says it is made of rubber and you are lying to me. She asks him to say the truth and not to lie and makes him sleep. Satya doubts if she came to know about Susheel.

Precap: Satya leaves for dandiya night while Leela comes to know about it. Leela decides to confront Satya. She goes to the place and finds him with Susheel. Leela questions him about Susheel. Satya tells Leela about the bet. Susheel comes there.

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