Ikyawann 23 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 23, 2018

Ikyawann 23 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Ikyawann 24 January 2018 Precap

Sejal and Gulabo come back from shopping. Sejal calls Satya and makes him stand in the stool. He tells Sejal that he is as tall as her. Sejal and Vishu tease Satya. Leela says she has called goldsmith at home. Sejal thanks Leela. Jiggi asks Satya about his marriage with Susheel while Satya recalls the video and gets furious. Vishu tells Kali not to worry as Satya must be worried. The goldsmith shows jewellery for Satya's mother while Leela gives it to Gulabo. Gulabo and Sejal asks her to give Kali a beautiful necklace. Leela says she was joking and Sejal gives a necklace to Kali. Leela says she will have to keep a watch on Kali. Leela calls Kali to meet and she asks Kali to take care of Kiran and not let her come out. Leela tells her that she will complete the mother's rituals. Kali is shocked. Kali says it is Satya's engagement and it is important for her to attend it. Leela acts getting emotional and asks Kali to take care of Kiran. Later, Kali agrees. Kali gets ready while Leela sends her to take care of Kiran. Everyone get ready for engagement. Leela tells Satya that we will triump today. Bakhe, Mehul and Darika reach Leela's house. 

Ikyawann 23 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Sejal and Gulabo welcome them. They ask for Susheel. Meanwhile, Naresh and Jai bring the pot inside. Bakhe and Mehul asks them to call Susheel. Susheel opens the pot and comes out. Susheel's unique entry stuns Leela. Leela asks what is all this. Susheel walks towards Leela to take her blessings. Susheel says she wanted the important gifts of her height. Susheel says she is the most important thing for her family and thus she came in it. Satya scolds Satya for insulting Leela. Susheel says she is herself the precious thing for her maapa. She says she does not want to insult anyone. Leela hugs Susheel and says she did no say anything wrong. Kali looks at them from the room and is happy. Satya seeks revenge from Mehul.


Leela brings the special gift box for Susheel. She opens it and shows the gold bangles weighing 5 kilograms each and a coconut. She makes Susheel wear it but she bends down with the weight. Mehul and other mens of her family get worried for Susheel. 

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