Ikyawann 24 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 24, 2018

Ikyawann 24 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 25 January 2018 Precap

The families perform Satya and Susheel's tilak ceremony. Leela waits for Susheel's turn. Susheel is happy. Kali prays for happy family. Mehul asks for Kali while Leela says she is not well and Leela will complete the ritual. Gulabo performs the rituals of mother. Everyone start giving gifts to Susheel. Meanwhile, Leela says she will give a special gift to Susheel. She opens the box which has gold bangles weighing 5 kilograms and coconut. Leela asks Susheel to perform a strange ritual, leaving everyone in the ceremony amazed. Leela makes her wear the bangles. Susheel could not bear the weight and she bends down.  Mehul, Naresh and Jai are worried for Susheel. Leela stops them from helping Susheel. Mehul says there is no need of such heavy jewellery. Leela says Satya is special for him and now Susheel is also special now. Mehul is in tears. Leela gives her the task while Satya comes and says it is difficult and she won't be able to do. Leela says it is duty of every daughter in law. Susheel keeps a smile in her face. Sejal is furious and calls her don. Bakhe tells Mehul that she will handle it. Susheel asks for her family's blessings. She tells Mehul not to worry as it is like a basketball game for her. Leela later makes it more hard and brings three buckets of water and asks Susheel to put the coconuts in water. 

Ikyawann 24 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Susheel dips it and stands with all her power happily. Mehul is worried for Susheel. Later it is turn to give the coconut to Sejal and Vishu while they are above the stairs. Sejal acts to fall and she comes down for Susheel. She asks Susheel not to worry and get married. She will make this old women grind the same coconuts. Susheel asks for Kali as the ritual needs to be complete. Sejal says she is upstairs. Leela says let it be. She says Kali is resting. Satya handles the situation while Susheel says she wants to complete it and she climbs. Leela is worried.


Susheel reaches upstairs and Leela follows her she tries to stop her. Susheel looks at Kali as she opens the door. 

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