Ikyawann 25 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 24, 2017

Ikyawann 25 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 26 December 2017 Precap

Susheel waits for the call from her friends. Susheel calls Satya and informs him that she did not receive the dandiya costume. Satya picks up and tells that the dress is delivered to his house. Leela finds that he is talking to someone late night. Satya asks Susheel about what she will be doing after dandiya party. Susheel says nothing and will go back home. Satya says so will you come for date.. will you have chaat with me at Rangeel sweets and tells her about the new shop and the foods. Susheel feels hungry hearing this and says she can't eat as she is fasting. Leela says he has all the qualities of mine and he will lie again and she wants to hear the truth. She says she will ask him the truth in the morning and if he lies and tells that he loves that Susheel then kill him just like they killed the Parekh's wife. Meanwhile, Sejal stands in Leela's picture with the Shiv pose and she says she won't get down until Leela forgives her. Leela comes there and looks at her angrily. Sejal starts her drama and she says Dadi is strong and she is weak and thus she will always keep her leg in Leela's head. She asks Leela to forgive her. Leela puts a big mala in Sejal's neck and says she has forgiven her. Leela hugs Sejal and thinks she is a small fish and she has to keep a watch on Susheel. Jhano checks for Satya's trophy in his room and she hides herself when he comes out. Satya tells Vishu about the dandiya party and Jhano hears everything. Satya gives the passes to Vishu to attend the party with Sejal. Leela shouts out and calls Jhano while she looks at Sejal and asks her if she saw Jhano. She asks Sejal about the mala she gave her yesterday and starts her drama. Sejal gets frustrated and she starts dreaming her favourite thing shouting on Leela. Sejal says she keeps on dragging her honor and she will keep on losing her life for Leela's honor. Leela makes her awake from the dream and asks if she understood? Sejal looks at her and she says she got it. Susheel starts her preparations while Satya starts his plans to impress Susheel. Susheel was preparing with the lighting while Satya comes there and creates the drama of taking care of her. Susheel feels nice when he cares for her. Meanwhile, Leela gets furious and she asks Jhano about Satya. She tells if she does not tell her where Satya has gone within 30 seconds then she will kill her. Jhano gets worried and she catches Leela's plaits and plays dandiya with it. Jhano makes Leela climb in the bed and Jhano jumps. They both fall down in bed while Sejal and Gulabo come to help Leela. They 3 pick Leela up and Sejal picks her up with her plaits. Leela is furious and she asks Sejal and Gualbo to leave. Leela remembers the ghagra and she questions Jhano that he went to play dandiya with Susheel. Jhano agrees. Susheel looks at her heels while Satya asks her to wear it. Susheel removes her shoes and wears the heels. Susheel tries to walk but she is not able to walk properly. Satya laughs at her. While some girls come out and they start laughing at Susheel and they tease her saying that she is so tall and she is wearing heels. They also make fun of her clothes. Satya feels bad and makes Susheel sit. He kneels down and removes the heels saying that he is doing right. Satya goes to the girls and says that stop being jealous of Susheel. Susheel feels special. Satya removes the heels from the sandles.

Precap: Leela enters the same place for dandiya party to keep an eye on Susheel and Satya. Satya and Susheel start dancing together while he holds her hand. Leela looks at him and gets furious. Susheel cries in Satya's arms.

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