Ikyawann 27 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 26, 2017

Ikyawann 27 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 28 December 2017 Precap

Satya looks at Leela and gets worried. Satya runs to Leela and tells her before telling anything to Susheel talk to me once. Vishu and Sejal handle Susheel. Susheel is worried if Satya went to fight with the horse man. Sejal calms her while Susheel goes to change. Leela is furious over him and he questions him about his relation with Susheel. Satya says he swears he will say the truth. Leela is furious and was about to beat him and says don't swear on me. Satya says if he lies she can throw him out of the house. Leela puts a bottle of water in Satya's head and asks him to calm first. Leela asks him to start the timer and Satya starts speaking and he tells the whole story from the start. Satya reveals to Leela his plan to break Susheel's heart. Meanwhile, Susheel is lost in Satya's thoughts. Leela starts dancing in the garba song there and she says she knew he is just like her. Leela asks him to complete his plan and also wants to see Susheel's heart breaking. Vishu and Sejal wait for Satya while he comes there with Leela. Leela also gives him the car keys. Leela asks Sejal and Vishu to go along with her. Sejal gets excited to go in bike with Vishu and she kisses Leela. Sejal sits behind Vishu while Leela gets her down and gets seated in her place. Sejal gets irritated and she sits in the last seat and she falls down. Leela gets down and she stops the auto. She takes Sejal along with her and asks Vishu to come in bike. Susheel comes home while Dadaji opens the door. He keeps on looking at Susheel. Susheel asks him why is he staring at him. Naresh comes out and he also stares at Susheel. Susheel asks if she is looking funny. Susheel says its not funny and if it was then Satya would have told her. Dadaji says he is looking good. Susheel's uncle realizes that she is lost in Satya's thoughts. Naresh asks Susheel about Satya. Susheel says he ran after that horse man and he did not even say bye to me. Besides, Satya is planning to make Susheel confess her love for him. Naresh and Shivam keep a watch on Susheel and they find that Satya is on his mind. Susheel wanted to hot water for Dadaji while she warms the milk. Shivam and Naresh tease her.

Precap: Shivam and Naresh take a notepad and they write I LOVE YOU SATYA in it. They three fight for the paper and it falls down. Susheel goes to pick it while Satya comes there and he picks it up. Satya opens it.

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