Ikyawann 27 November 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Nov 26, 2017

Ikyawann 27 November 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 28 November 2017 Precap

Susheel was playing cricket while She walks to Satya and he saves her from the ball. Susheels assumes that he is attacking over her. Satya says that he just helped her and there is no need of saying thanks. Susheel replies saying that what is this new drama of thanks and sorry. Susheel says that she will not get impressed by all this things. Satya starts laughing while a man arrives with the balloons of sorry and leaves. Satya says that she thought those balloons were cute while he says that she is Susheel just like her name. Meanwhile, Naresh comes there. Satya tricks Naresh into letting Susheel attend the Sangeet and tries to impress her. Susheel says that even if Naresh says then she will not come. Satya apologizes Susheel. Susheel reaches home where Susheel's grandma asks her to change her clothes and asks her to make food. She says that she will teach her to cook. Susheel goes to her room and searches for her clothes but could not find them. Susheel comes out and looks at her grandmother selling her clothes to the utensils seller. Susheel feels bad and grandma hands her the utensils and asks her to roast species. Meanwhile, Mehul enters there and looks at Susheel crying. Mehul tries to calm Susheel and takes her for shopping new girly clothes. Mehul laughs and says he will buy her tees and jeans. Satya waits for Susheel. Leela asks whom is he waiting for. Leela says she will not come. Satya gets tensed waiting for Susheel and thinks she will not come and gets disappointed. Meanwhile, he looks at a girl who repairs light and she looks like Susheel. Satya doubts if she is Susheel and could not get the eyes off her. The lights get on and yes it was Susheel. Satya keeps on looking at Susheel as she was dressed in kurtas for the first time. Meanwhile, Satya gives more work to Susheel for the arrangement of lights. Satya uses Susheel as his measuring tape and creates fun of Susheel. Later, Satya performs on 'Gulabo'.Meanwhile, Leela comes there and dances along with them. Satya again comes in front of Susheel and apologizes her. Satya asks her to dance along with him. Susheel says she has no mood of dancing and leaves. While, leaving Susheel gets hurt with garba stick and she thinks that Satya did it and bursts at him. Satya gets confused and asks what did he do. Satya leaves while he holds her hand, Susheel holds Satya's shirt and it gets torn. Susheel says sorry. While the bride-to-be flaunts her moves. Satya says Susheel to stitch his clothes. Susheels takes the stapler and stitches his clothes.

Precap: Susheel plays dandiya with Satya which makes Leela angry. Leela aggressively pulls the rope of stage which falls on herself.

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