Ikyawann 28 November 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Nov 27, 2017

Ikyawann 28 November 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 29 November 2017 Precap

Leela comes and hugs Satya and looks at the stapler pins in his shoulder and asks what is this. Leela calls him while Satya says that he has work and he will come later. Naresh misses Susheel's mom and starts crying as she could not even see Susheel. Grandama over hears their conversation and learns about her work and hence decides to go to the event. She takes the address and leaves. Susheel's mom and dance on a romantic song while Leela looks at them angrily. Satya goes to Susheel and asks her for a dance and she pushes him in the colors. Susheel apologizes Satya and he puts the color on Susheel's nose. Leela looks at them and gets angry. Meanwhile, Leela starts dancing in the song mere angne mai and Satya enjoys seeing. Satya plans to play the word tall of the song and asks the DJ and the same things happen what he wanted. Leela takes Susheel and Satya stops the song. Satya says sorry to Leela and tries to impress Susheel. Satya plays the garba song while they come and ask to dance. Susheel gets to dance in the tunes while Leela gets angry looking at her. Meanwhile, Satya enters there and starts dancing with Susheel. Leela plans to teach Susheel lesson and thus she pulls the flowers in the stage but eventually it falls on herself. Everyone get shocked and run after her. Satya picks her up and asks if she is fine. Susheel brings water for her while Leela throwed the water on Susheel's face and breaks the glass and blames the arrangements of Susheel. While Satya makes his hero like entry. Satya says that no one would do this intentionally maybe its an misunderatanding. Susheel asks about how he knows. Satya feels that Susheel will again put the blame on him. Susheel apologizes Leela that maybe it was her arrangement problems. Leela creates a huge drama and blames on her arrangement. Leela asks Susheel to never enter this house again and he takes away Satya. Meanwhile, Susheel's grandma enters there while Jaano falls while climbing. Leela comes and calls her an old women asking who is she. Susheel's grandma questions Leela if she is young. Leela tells her grandma to take Susheel along with her and also says that Susheel has not quality like a girl. Susheel's grandma holds Susheel's hand to take her away while Satya stops them. Satya says that her work is not completed she will come later and he holds Susheel's hand. Leela looks at Satya holding Susheel's hand. While Leela comes there and pushes Susheel's hand hardly. Meanwhile, Susheel gets stuck in Leela and her grandmothers fight and shouts to stop.

Precap: Some men come with a palanquin and the bride thinks she is standing there then who is in the palanquin. Meanwhile, Satya takes Susheel to a bike ride while they occur with an accident.

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