Ikyawann 29 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 29, 2018

Ikyawann 29 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 30 January 2018 Precap

Satya and Sejal conduct a silent party to change everyone's mood. They start passing headphones to everyone. Everyone start dancing to the tunes wearing their earphones. Sejal says there is a surprise for Susheel. Mehul starts performing for Susheel. She is happy. Later, Bakhe, Jai, Shivam and Naresh also join Mehul. Meanwhile, in Susheel's earphones someone says don;t be so happy Satya is going to leave you before the marriage. He says don't consider this as a joke and he asks Susheel to look near Satya. She looks at the shadow of a man and he attacks with a knife. Susheel shouts Satya and runs towards him. Mehul falls down. Satya is shocked. Susheel takes him down and shouts who's that. Susheel says he will separate her from Satya. Susheel says he said that on her headphones. Susheel acts mad in front of everyone and Leela recalls the day when Kiran faced the same situation. Bakhe asks Mehul to control Susheel. Mehul takes Susheel home to take rest. Meanwhile, Gulabo tells Leela and Kali that this girl is mentally unstable. Bakhe hears this. Leela asks him to have the feast. Susheel and her family have the food and Susheel eats fast. Sejal asks her to eat slowly. Mehul says she eats fast when she is stressed. Naresh tells Susheel that she did good that she scared everyone from now and says she will rule the house like this. Jai, Naresh and Mehul laugh while Bakhe comes and shouts them. 

Ikyawann 29 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Bakhe says they feel she is mentally unstable. Mehul says he wil talk to Leela. Naresh and Mehul ask Susheel to talk to Satya once as he seems worried and then they will leave. Susheel tells Satya that whatever she saw was true and she wants him to believe it. Satya asks her to take rest as he does not want anyone to say that Satya Ajmera's wife is mentally unstable. Susheel is shocked.


Leela exchanges liquid in the gulabjal bottle and asks Gulabo to add the same in the turmeric. Leela says now Susheel will get to witness more bizarre ahead.

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