Ikyawann 29 November 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Nov 28, 2017

Ikyawann 29 November 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 30 November 2017 Precap

Leela and Susheel's grandma fight over to take Susheel away. While, Susheel shouts out loudly. Susheel again apologizes Leela and gets back to her work. Leela keeps looking at her while Susheel repairs the stage again and then leaves with her Grandma. Leela says Susheel's attitude is just like her height. Satya's friends come to him and taunt him over his defeat of challenge. Satya gets tensed that she won't come home from now and how will he win his challenge. Meanwhile, Naresh puts on a band aid on Susheel's hand. Grandma comes there and puts bangles on Mehul's hands and says all the men in this house must wear it as she has bought for everyone. Susheel's grandma blames Susheel that she humiliated his work in that place. Susheel apologizes Mehul and says she wants to run his business nicely and gets emotional. Mehul appreciates Susheel and calms her down. Mehul asks Susheel to take rest. On the other hand, Mehul's mom and dad again blame Susheel over her work. Grandma says Mehul that he will go for work and not Susheel. Vishu feels bad for Susheel and she calls her while Vishu's fiancee asks Susheel if she will come tomorrow. Susheel says its her work and she will come. Vishu says sorry. Meanwhile, Satya overhears him and takes his phone. Susheel talks about Satya and says he always interferes in her work. Satya keeps on listening to Susheel. Vishu says he likes to act like hero. Susheel replies that he maybe acts like hero but is a villian and she has to suffer. Satya says that he will take her on a bike ride the next day. Susheel makes face pack while her grand aunt comes there. Susheel, Naresh and others make plan to make Susheel go out. Susheel asks Grandma to try it on her face first. Susheel starts applying on her grandma's face. Disobeying her Dadima's instructions, Susheel escapes from the house. Meanwhile, Some man come with a palanquin and the bride thinks she is standing there then who is in the palanquin. While Leela comes out from the palanquin. Later, Susheel's grandpaa come there and sees Darika laying. He shouts out loudly. Darika says Susheel fooled me and ran away. Susheel's uncle messages her that aunt is awake. Susheel gets in hurry and looks for auto. Grandma comes out in search of Susheel. Susheel tries to stop the auto while Satya makes his heroic entry. Satya tries to remove the face pack from Susheel's hair which Susheel stops him. Satya holds her hand and shows her in the mirror. Satya cleans it and asks Susheel to get seated while she walks away. Susheel hears her Dadi's voice. Susheel puts on her scarf and sits on the bike. Satya looks at her dadi and laughs saying now you have no option. She cames to Satya and asks did he see a girl running away. Satya says yes she was wearing white t-shirt she will go straight now and leaves. Later, Susheel and Satya meet with an accident where both get wet as the tank of water falls over them. Susheel gets angry over Satya.

Precap: Susheel takes out her anger while Satya comes there and stops her. Satya says Susheel that she can't blame everything over him. Meanwhile, Susheel was in a room when someone comes there and hits Susheel in her head.

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