Ikyawann 2nd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 02, 2018

Ikyawann 2nd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 3rd January 2018 Precap

Mehul prepares a costume for the christian bride. Susheel says every culture has different types of costume. Susheel talks about Mehul and he mother's relationship. Susheel asks him that why is his love colorless as they are not christian. Mehul says after the demise of their love we have to wear such clothes. Susheel says but this rules are for girls. Mehul says he loves her mother then why can't he follow them. Mehul asks her about why she is asking such questions today. Kali brings protine shake and fruits for Satya. He asks her to keep it. Kali asks him about the bill and the payal. Satya tells her that he bought it for Susheel for the dandiya night and he tells her that she forgot he does not like those fruits. Naresh asks Susheel about last night. Susheel tells him that they were coming back home while Bakhe comes there and calls Naresh to get back to work. Susheel was painting the pot while she takes her phone and runs out. Mehul comes there and thinks why did she run away like a storm. He looks at the pot and the letter S in it. Satya's brother comes there and asks him to come along and have pani puri with him. Satya remembers the day when he ate it with Susheel. Leela comes there and she questions him if he has seriously fallen for Susheel. Leela tells him that if such situation arrives then he will have to choose Susheel or me. Satya says there is nothing like this. She asks him to call Susheel. Satya calls her while Leela gets a call from Jhanno. Sejal looks at Leela being so happy and decides to find out her plan. Leela tries to take the paper from Kiran's hand while she does not give it to her. Sejal keeps her eye on Leela. 

Ikyawann 2nd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Leela starts giving gifts to the kids outside. Meanwhile Sejal comes there saying that she will help and smartly she takes the paper from Kiran's hand. Leela shouts loudly and takes the paper from Sejal's hand. Leela asks Sejal to bring juice for everyone and she calls her Sejal betiya. Sejal gets confused after seeing her love. Leela keeps the paper in her phone pocket and Kali looks at her. Kali gets confused and thinks  this donation is done by her every year but why is Leela so tensed today and what is in the paper. Susheel thinks about Satya and she falls down. Bakhe asks her to walk properly. Susheel again gets lost in Satya's thoughts while searching grandpa's shoes. Susheel looks at her and Mehul's picture and says she is feeling weird today to speak to him. Meanwhile, she gets a call from Satya and he asks Susheel to meet. Susheel stutters and says she has no time today as she is busy. Mehul comes there and asks her the matter. Susheel says she met Satya after the dandiya fest. Mehul says yes you told me about it. She says Naresh told her that when Mehul was in love then he started growing beard for her mother to impress her. Mehul gets emotional and he says he is getting a call and asks Susheel to wait. Mehul looks at the picture with his wife and gets emotional. He feels that if she could have been here then he and Susheel could not face this communication gap.


Susheel thanks Naresh to make her realize her feelings for Susheel. Satya calls her and asks her to meet. Susheel asks if she can come along with Shivam. Satya says yes. Satya says she will need someone to handle her after the heartbreak.

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