Ikyawann 30 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 30, 2018

Ikyawann 30 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 31 January 2018 Precap

Susheel tells Satya has changed since the day she said I love you. Susheel leaves saying that she thought he will support her but he did not and leaves. Satya stops her asking her to take a selfie with him. Susheel thanks him for taking care of her. Leela prepares for Haldi ceremony and takes a drug bottle in her hand. Leela prepares the haldi and puts drugs in the bottle of gulabjal. Kiran comes there and looks at the haldi. She tells Leela that she also wants to apply haldi. Satya comes there. Satya takes her along with him to play. Leela calls Gulabo and sends her to Susheel's house with Sejal with the haldi and gulabjal. Leela asks her to mix the gulabjal properly. Meanwhile, Jhano comes there and the bottle falls. Jhano picks up her bottle of sandalwood. Leela looks at the bottle and asks her to give it to Kali for Satya. Susheel's family prepare for the haldi ritual. Gulabo and Sejal enter Susheel's house with the guests. Leela makes a video call and asks Sejal to add the gulabjal in haldi. Susheel's family perform haldi happily. Leela looks at them strangly. Sejal likes the smell and tells Leela that she said it is gulabjal but it smells like sandalwood. Leela gets angry on Jhano and comes to know that the drug is mixed in Satya's haldi. 

Ikyawann 30 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Kiran applies haldi over Satya. Kali takes the bottle to add the mixture in it. Leela comes there and asks Jhano to stop Kali anyhow. Kali mixes it and tries to smell it. Suddenly, Kali starts acting strange and calls Leela by her name and laughs incessantly. Everyone is shocked looking at Kali. Satya talks to Kali while she can only see Leela everywhere. Leela shouts. Kali keeps on laughing. Kali sings her song. Vijay and Satya handle Kali. Vijay takes her up. Leela tells Satya about the gulabjal. Meanwhile, Leela shouts Jhano. Jhano asks Leela for one chance. Leela calls gulabo if khichdi is ready and asks them to prepare khichdi. Bakhe accepts. Sejal gets suspicious. Leela asks Jhano to mix poison on the food.


Jhano mixes poison in the khichdi and runs away. Later Susheel comes to the kitchen and finds the poison bottle there and gets worried.

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