Ikyawann 3rd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 03, 2018

Ikyawann 3rd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 4th January 2018 Precap

Mehul comes back to talk to Susheel while suddenly he gets a call and Susheel gets worried. Bakhe calls him for shopping. Meanwhile, Sejal keeps a watch on Leela. She finds Leela worried and decides to follow her. Sejal looks from the hole in the door. Leela gives a saree to Kiran and she also gives her jewellery. Sejal is confused. Kiran shows the paper and shows she wants this. Leela hugs her and says she won't get this. Leela takes the paper away and says it has been 16 years she killed Mehul's daughter and she fulfilled the oath. But till now she still feels the same frustration on this day. Leela says she is leaving to mandir for Kiran's shanti. Leela takes the paper to burn it. It is the photograph of Mehul and Susheel. Kiran cries while she was burning. Sejal looks at her. Leela was coming out while Sejal runs. Kali saves Sejal from getting caught. Sejal tells Kali everything that she noticed. Kali asks her not to get into this trouble and stop watching crime shows. She says Vishu told her about it. Sejal promise that she won't do this again and leaves. While Kali stops her and tells her something. She asks her to do they way she asked her. Susheel feels bad that she refused Satya's call and told him that she is busy. Naresh comes and asks her about Satya. Susheel tells him that Satya proposed and says she wrote I LOVE YOU in his head. Naresh and Shivam laugh at Susheel. She asks them about what should I talk to him on phone. Naresh asks her to call Satya. Susheel makes the call. Satya asks if she completed the pot painting. Susheel says no its still pending. Satya asks her to complete fast and not to correct her hairs. Susheel asks how did he come to know that her hand was in her hairs. Satya says he just guessed. Naresh makes the call on speaker. Satya says this is love and asks her to hurry up as he wants to meet. He says he wants to talk about something important. She says she will come along with Shivam. Satya agrees and says there must be someone with her to handle her after the heart break and he breaks the glass in the tea stall. Susheel says ok and cuts the call. Naresh says she will go alone and Shivam will not come along. 

Ikyawann 3rd January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Susheel thanks Naresh and says she feels different now and she loves to meet him. Susheel says she did not tell anything about this to Mehul. Naresh asks her not to worry and they will tell him later. Meanwhile, Jhano finds the half burned picture of Mehul and she cleans the room. While Kali knocks the door. She asks Jhano about where her phone is Leela is calling from so long and asks her to attend the call in landline and she is leaving to clinic. Jhano runs to receive the call. Kali enters the room. Jhano picks the call while Sejal speaks on call making Leela's voice saying she called her to the temple after cleaning the room. Jhano makes her bangles voice and Sejal says ok come soon. Meanwhile, Jhano gets ready to leave but Leela comes home along with Kiran. Leela offers her prasad. Kali searches for the picture while Sejal runs to save her. Sejal asks Kali to come out as Leela came home. Kali falls while she looks at the picture. Kali keeps the picture in her saree. Leela comes there and Sejal stands straight. Leela looks at her angrily and asks what is she doing here. Meanwhile she sees Kali behind and walks inside. Kali asks Sejal to leave. Leela does the same question to Kali. Kali says there was a weird smell in this room and a rat was dead. She cleaned it. Leela asks her to leave and thinks if really a rat was dead. Leela looks at Jhanoo angrily and asks her what was she doing out. Leela calls her a fool. Leela asks her to clean the room and says this secret of Mehul Parekh's family must stay within us. Meanwhile Kali looks at the picture and says this is the same guy with whom Kiran's marriage was fixed but who is the girl along who's picture is burnt. Kali comes to know that Leela did not forget this and thus she does this charity.


Satya tells Susheel about his bet and the confession of his proposal to break her heart. While Susheel looks somewhere else and she shouts out loudly.

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