Ikyawann 4 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 03, 2017

Ikyawann 4 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 5 December 2017 Precap

Susheel falls in Satya's arms. Satya calls Leela upstairs saying that Vishu and Sejel ate poison. Everyone of them run upstairs. Meanwhile, Fui Ba gets worried and decides to punish Susheel. Everyone gets worried looking at Vishu and Sejal. Kali starts to check them. Satya comes and says Kali to save Sejal and Vishu and slowly says that their marrige should happen anyhow. Kali says yes and asks Satya to take everyone outside. Kali asks Susheel to stay while Leela gets angry. Satya tekes everyone out. Kali asks Vishu and Sejal to stand. Kali gets angry over Vishu and Sejal. Vishu calms Kali and while Sejal says that they love each other. Kali says so this is the way to handle and asks them to look how everyone is worried. Susheel also supports Kali and says that it is Satya's mistake. Flashback- Satya makes plan to convince Leela and hands them shampoo. Susheel is surprised as Satya helps Vishu and Sejal get married. Leela warns to Sejal mom saying that she will kill her if anything happens to Vishu. Meanwhile, Satya calms Leela and says they can also file a complaint against her. Satya tries to convince Leela by saying that they love each other. Leela says she is agreeing because of him and says Satya he must not put her in such condition. Susheel comes there and says Vishu and Sejal are fine now. Leela asks to start the wedding ceremony. Vishu and Sejal were about to put the varmala while Satya stops them and brings Leela along. Satya takes selfie with his mom and thanks her again. Satya says he won't repeat this. Susheel looks at them and hears their conversation. Kali smiles at Susheel. The wedding gets completed while Vishu and Sejal bend down to get blessings of Leela and Leela holds Sejal's neck. Susheel go to the pani puri counter while there was no one so she decides to make on herself. Jhano keeps a watch on Susheel. Meanwhile, Susheel gets a call from her dad and she goes to receive it. While Jhano adds beer into the water of pani puri. Susheel comes to eat the pani puri. While, Satya comes there and decides to give up on Susheel. Susheel calls him a looser and gives him pani puri challenge. Both start eating pani puri and finish the whole pani puri. Satya confess that he will win his other challenge. Susheel asks which challenge. Satya says he will win by wooing her and she will say him I love you. Susheel tells Satya that she will never do so. Besides, Susheel says that now she will hate him less as he helped Vishu and Sejal. Meanwhile, Jhano brings Leela there and she looks at Satya and Susheel get drunk. Satya feeds Susheel pani puri. Susheel show her dad loves and the way she calls him ma pa. Susheel makes hand actions with Satya which Leela assumes wrong to be one soul. Susheel also feeds pani puri to Satya. Leela decides to take revenge.

Precap: Susheel asks Satya if he mixed something in pani puri's water. Leela looks at Susheel and pushes the diya lamp which falls and the fume spreads all over the mandap.

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