Ikyawann 4th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 04, 2018

Ikyawann 4th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 5th January 2018 Precap

Kali looks at Mehul's picture while Sejal comes there and she asks her if she found something there. Kali says no. Sejal is worried and she says there must be something that Leela is hiding. While Kali's husband comes there and he asks Sejal if she can talk to Kali for some time. Sejal leaves. He starts talking to Kali while she is lost in her own thoughts. He asks Kali if everything is fine. Kali tells him that she feels that Leela is hiding something about this charity. He says not to think about it much and be tensed. Susheel gets ready and she wears her normal T-shirt and jeans. Naresh tells her she is going on date and is wearing such clothes. Susheel smiles and says he wants to talk about something important. Satya's brother says why is he sad for breaking Susheel's heart. Satya says why will he be sad for a girl like Susheel. Besides, Sushee' says she will go for the cycle race after meeting him and she wants to win it for Dada and Dadi. Naresh gets emotional. Susheel tells Naresh and Shivam that she is also excited for the date. Meanwhile, Satya prepares himself to tell the truth to Susheel. Mehul brings new shoes for Susheel while Bakhe does no like it. He questions about bring such boyish things for Susheel. Leela's house is decorated by heart balloons and she asks Jhano to press the button while Sejal comes there. Leela asks her to start the remote. Sejal asks what is this remote and asks why is Satya written in it. Sejal corrects the remote and the lighting starts in Leela's saree.

Ikyawann 4th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Leela is very happy and she starts dancing with Gulabo. Sejal says it would be more fun if she told the reason of dancing and unfortunately pushes Leela. Leela falls near the table and looks at Sejal angrily. Sejal gets worried. Leela says tell me the reason of her coming here then she will tell the reason of being happy. Sejal was about to answer while Gulabo takes her along. Leela tells Jhano that today her Satya will break Susheel's heart and from now she will never let that girl roam around him. Susheel comes there and calls Satya. Satya takes 6 ice creams. The asks what he did to buy 6 ice cream. He asks him to do his work. Susheel smiles at him while Satya keeps on looking at her. Satya asks her to have ice cream. Susheel talks about the flavour she eats according to her moods and she says she eats chocolate when she is sad and mango when she is angry. Satya asks her to eat chocolate or mango. Susheel says she is not angry nor sad so she will eat strawberry. Satya asks her to eat Mango or choclate only. Meanwhile, Mehul was cooking in the kitchen and the shoe box was near the gas. The box catches fire and Darika shouts out fire. Mehul gets worried. Mehul runs to put water in it while the shoe gets destroyed. Mehul feels bad that the gift got spoiled. Meanwhile, Susheel asks him why to eat mango or chocolate? Satya says because what he wants to say can make her sad or angry. Susheel stands up and asks what he wants to say. Satya takes a deep breath and he gives the ice cream to the kids. Satya starts talking about Susheel and he talks about her confidence and truth. Susheel says she has learned this from her family. 


Satya tells Susheel about his bet and the confession of his proposal to break her heart. While Susheel looks somewhere else and she shouts out loudly.

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