Ikyawann 5 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Feb 05, 2018

Ikyawann 5 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 6 Feb 2018 Precap

Susheel tells Leela that she does not wear so much ornaments. Leela tells that she is going to be Ajmera and she will have to wear it. Susheel waits for Mehul. Jai is not happy with Leela's behaviour while Kali and Sejal tells Jai that Leela is happy for his wedding. Susheel tells Satya that she wants to talk to him. She asks if he saw Mehul. Meanwhile, Mehul makes a video call to Shivam. Mehul gets emotional. Susheel and Satya get ready for the garland ceremony. Leela takes the remote to electrocute Susheel. Susheel and Satya perform the wedding formalities while Leela waits for the right moment to electrocute Susheel. Susheel recalls that Mehul was emotional when she was leaving.  Kali gives Susheel the Krishna idol and ask her to place it in the temple. They reach near the temple while the remote falls from Leela's hand. Gulabo's husband takes Leela along for the ceremony. Leela asks Jhano to find the remote. Vishu and his friends come to take the bottles. While, Vishu talks about the ornaments that Susheel is wearing and some goons hear it. Sejal asks Vishu to get the camera while Gulabo stops him. Kali completes her rituals with Susheel. 

Ikyawann 5 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Susheel is sad and Kali asks her about her problem. Susheel says that Maapa has not arrived yet. Jai, Naresh, Darika convince Susheel to be happy as he will come soon. They ask her to have gulab jamun. Flashback is shown when the goons at poison in the gulab jamun. Susheel was about to take it while Jhano comes in between and gulab jamun falls. Leela is very much frustrated. Kali reaches Satya's room and she finds the camera there. Kali watches Leela's plan against Susheel.


Leela tells Satya that this wedding won't happen at any cost. Meanwhile, Kali says that she won't let Susheel and Satya bear this injustice.

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