Ikyawann 5th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 05, 2018

Ikyawann 5th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 6th January 2018 Precap

Satya tells Suheel that she wants to tell her the truth. He starts talking about their fight in Vishu's engagement while Susheel turns around and walks ahead. Satya says he decided the same day that he will impress her and break her heart and thus he proposed her first. Meanwhile, Susheel shouts NO and runs towards the road. Satya shouts saying his love was fake but his friendship was true. A truck touches the light and was about to fall over Susheel. Satya looks at her while the street light falls over Susheel's leg and she gets faint. Satya runs to her and asks to call the ambulance. A man says the ambulance will take half an hour. Satya drives his bike and takes Susheel along with her. Satya thinks she took this step because of him and says sorry. Satya is worried. Meanwhile, Sejal tells Vishu that after Satya and Susheel's marriage they will get settled in Mumbai. Sejal says their chemistry is so good while Leela hears this and gets furious. Vishu notices Leela and thus he shouts at Sejal and says how dare she compare Susheel with Satya. Sejal looks at Vishu confused and Vishu expresses showing that Dadi is here. Sejal finds Leela there and says yes she won't say this again. Leela is impressed by Vishu that he learnt to control his wife the way she wanted. 

Ikyawann 5th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Satya brings Susheel to Kali's clinic. Kali gets worried and asks Satya if he did something. Satya tells her about the electric pool that fell over her. Kali asks him about why did she run towards the road. Satya says he was talking to her and she ran towards the road. Satya is worried. Kali asks if he is fine. Satya says it has happened because of him and asks her to cure Susheel. Meanwhile, Mehul tries calling Susheel and Naresh tells him not to worry.  Mehul is worried and he asks Naresh if he knows where she has gone. Bakhe gets furious. Mehul says he is very much scared today. Bakhe tells Mehul to go to police station. Kali asks Satya about the accident. Kali says there is no fracture and she will be fine. Kali asks him the truth while Susheel tells that she fell near the road and Satya saved her. Kali asks Susheel to take rest for 2 days. Susheel thinks that what Satya must be thinkning that she went to help someone and she herself got hurt. Besides, he is worried thinking she is about because of him. Leela calls Satya while he is sad. Leela asks him what is he doing near Kali's clinic? He says his friend has suffered from an accident. Leela asks him about Satya. He says he broke her heart and now Leela is happy. Leela talks about her mother while Satya says her mother is no more. Leela says that is good. Leela asks why is he sad. He says its because of his friends accident and nothing else. Satya holds Susheel to drop her home and Kali is happy to see him helping Susheel. Kali gives him the car keys. Susheel thanks Kali and they leave. Susheel tells Satya that she did not pay her mom's fees. Satya says she mad Kali is her mother and will she take fees from you. Meanwhile, Bakhe and Mehul are very much worried for Susheel. Satya brings her home and everyone is shocked to see Susheel. Susheel leaves his hands. 


Satya's brother asks Satya if he is going to meet Susheel. He says yes. His brother asks why? Satya says because her loves her a lot. Kali listens to him shockingly.

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