Ikyawann 6 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 05, 2017

Ikyawann 6 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 7 December 2017 Precap

Satya tries to stop Kiran while Leela comes there but she goes near Sejal and Vishu and keeps eye over Sejal. Leela keeps looking at Sejal angrily. Sejal enters the house while Kiran's paper falls there near her legs. Satya was about to pick it while Jhano picks it. Leela stops her and asks her to give the paper. Satya asks Kali to do something. While Kali ons the fan. Satya picks the paper and keeps inside his clothes and keeps a bill in his hand. Satya tells it was the bill that he was holding. Leela starts her drama and Jhano brings Gobar in a bowl. Satya decides to go to Susheel's house and start his drama. Susheel corrects the kitchen properly while Fui ba comes there and looks at Susheel doing her work happily and has corrected everything. On the other hand, Mehul, Naresh and her mama there to make her happy. Meanwhile someone enters Susheel's house and asks for money. Susheel gets worried and asks his dad if they have no money. Mehul asks Susheel not to worry. Leela asks Sejal to put her hand in the gobar and stamp it in the house. Sejal thinks about her revnge and takes gobar and puts it in Leela 's face. Sejal starts laughing thinking this while Leela stares at her. Leela thinks she is not scared of her and is laughing. Sejal puts the stamp on the wall but it does not stay. She again tries but it does not stick on wall she gets confused and thinks what it is. Meanwhile flashback begins when Jhano puts selotape in that place where she was putting her hand. Sejal says maybe the gobar is adulterated. Leela puts her hand in it and shows her the proof. Sejal gets shocked and comes there and says sorry to Leela. Sejal tells that she will do whatever Leela asks. Leela says she will get the punishment and tells Vishu and Sejal that they will stay in another room for some day. Leela says Sejal will stay in Leela's room till the pooja gets done. Meanwhile, Satya goes in bike with his brother. Some men come to Susheel's house along with Magan to ask for money. Mehul ask them for time. They start picking up the things in the house. Bakhe, Susheel and others try to stop them. Bakhe tells that he will mortgage his house but don't take away their things but anyhow they do not listen he pushes Bakhe and Satya holds Bakhe. Satya makes Bakhe seated. Satya tells Bakhe about the marriage happenings and also tells about Susheel who handled the wedding nicely. Satya says he convinced his dadi and has bought the payment. Satya hands the payment to Bakhe. Satya apologizes Bakhe and also Mehul and others. Satya starts his drama and calls Fui ba Hema ji. Susheel checks the cheque and says that the cheque is incomplete as there is one zero missing. Satya again apologizes everyone and tells the man to leave as they will make payment within 1 or 2 days. Satya looks at Susheel's ID card and asks she studies in that college. Mehul says yes and asks him for tea while Satya says he will come some other day.

Precap: Susheel comes to college and comes to know that till now no one has won the match against senior. While Susheel thinks who must be the senior and Satya makes his entry there.

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