Ikyawann 8 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 07, 2017

Ikyawann 8 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 11 December 2017 Precap

Satya drops Susheel home. Leela calls Sejal out for breakfast and says she did not let her sleep whole night. Leela says whatever happened these days were bad according to her and hence they are going to arrange pooja. Sejal says nothing bad had happened and this is not necessary. Meanwhile, Leela hands a apple on Sejal hand and asks her to cut and give it to everyone as prasad. Sejal cuts the apple but its turns out to be bad. According to Leela's plan Jhano mixes Leela's hair dye into the apple. Leela thus puts the blame on Sejal. Leela says this reflects her as a person. Sejal takes another apple while Leela stops her and Leela takes a apple in her hand and falls it down intentionally while Jhano replaces it with another apple. Leela cuts that apple which turns to be clean. Susheel starts practicing basketball and on the other hand, Satya also keeps playing. Satya begins to learn the game before facing Susheel as he is playing this game for the first time. Susheel makes the basket using a bucket. Shivam says don't lose this game. Susheel says no one has ever made her lose this game and she throws the ball which falls near Darika's plate and the rice falls over. Susheel apologizes her. Vishu tries to explain about Sejal to his mother. Vishu's mother says she likes Sejal but he must have said about his relationship earlier. Darika cuts Susheel's ball. Susheel's family supports her while Darika does not listen to her. On the other hand, Darika restricts Susheel from investing too much time playing basketball. She asks Susheel to stay home and do some work. Satya keeps on learning while his brother says he can never impress this girl. Leela calls Satya to correct her phone. Leela shows her love for Satya and feeds him food. Leela talks about his college competition. Kali comes there while Satya leaves. Kali tells Satya that she was busy so she could not pick the call. Satya replies rudely about her being so busy and says that her dadi does not eat before he eats something. Kali feels bad. Meanwhile, they start complaining about Darika's behaviour towards Susheel. Mehul decides to convince Susheel once. Susheel's grandfather stays in Susheel's room while she is asleep. Dadi ji was about to put relispary on her legs while Mehul comes there and he starts spraying it everywhere else. Dadaji tries to hide his feelings and he leaves. Mehul takes the spray and puts it in her leg. Susheel complains to Mehul about Darika. Susheel says she does not want to give him more tension and says she will not go to college. Mehul says he will talk to Darika and convince her.

Precap: Susheel gets ready for the competition and says she will defeat Satya. Meanwhile, Darika come to check in kitchen if Susheel is working. Besides, someone else was standing in Susheel's dress. Darika looks while Shivam stops her from going ahead.

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