Ikyawann 8th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 08, 2018

Ikyawann 8th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 9th January 2018 Precap

Mehul is furious while he goes to Satya and says he wants to talk to him. Satya and Mehul go out. Mehul tells Satya that he must have called him and says he was worried. Mehul asks him the reason of accident while Satya thinks what to tell. Bakhe comes there and says don't shout at him as he took her to the hospital. Satya says he forgot to call as he was in hurry to take Susheel to the clinic. Mehul says sorry to Satya for shouting at him. Susheel says Satya offered him 6 ice cream and he wanted her to eat the flavor she eats when she is angry or sad. Susheel tells Naresh about the accident. Susheel says she ran to save a girl while Satya was talking about something. Naresh says it means you did not hear what Satya said. Satya comes there. Meanwhile, Satya's mom calls him and Mehul looks at his phone. Mehul picks the call and he thanks her for helping Susheel. Kali tells that she will be fine in 2-3 days and she says she will come at her house for check up once. Satya tells Susheel that he wants to talk to her. Satya tells her that he knows why she ran away. Susheel is emotional and she starts crying. Satya thinks she is crying because of him. Susheel says she wanted to go for the cycle race and win it for Bakhe and Darika. She wanted to gift them a phone this new year. Susheel asks if she can ride a cycle once. Satya asks her if he can participate in her place. Susheel says thanks but only girls can participate in it. Satya says sorry that she always helps him but he only creates trouble for her. Leela and Jhano decide to make fun of Sejal and trouble her. Jhano hides the spoon. Sejal finds that it is Leela's plan and thus she makes her own drama. Sejal brings chopsticks. 

Ikyawann 8th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Satya takes Leela's blessings and leaves. Leela asks him about where is he going and she asks him about his friend who is dealing with accident. Satya says yes he is going to meet him while Kali smiles. Kali is happy to see Satya care for Susheel. Satya removes his piggy bag while his brother asks him if he is going to meet Susheel. Satya says yes. He asks why. Satya says because he loves Susheel. His cousin as well as Kali are shocked. Satya says he is joking and says he is going to calm her. Satya comes to Susheel's house and he brings ice cream for her. Susheel is shocked to see him here. Susheel eats the ice cream and she finds a paper in it. Susheel asks what it is while he says that he went for the race. Satya says he went in girl's look and shows her the picture too. Susheel says she will not take the money as this is cheating. Satya says it means there is no value for his efforts. Satya's goes close and tells her to keep it. Susheel says no. Meanwhille, Susheel is dreaming about Satya and he is knocking the door. Susheel keeps on saying no. Satya asks her to open the window. Susheel wakes and she opens the door. Susheel says if someone comes to know then they will get scolded. Satya comes in and Susheel feels pain in her legs and they both fall in the bed. 


Kali was keeping the frame while she looks at Mehul and thinks Susheel is his daughter and gets worried. Besides, Mehul also gets worried looking at Kali and says Satya is your son.

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