Ikyawann 9 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Feb 09, 2018

Ikyawann 9 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 12 Feb 2018 Precap

Kali comes to Leela and asks her about Satya. Kali once again warns her. Satya comes there and tells Leela that he wants to talk about something important. Leela holds his hand and makes him sit in the marriage mandap. Satya leaves her hand. Leela calls everyone and calls the priest. Satya is worried and furious and he looks at Leela. Meanwhile, Mehul prays for Susheel and gets emotional. Bakhe tells Jai that Susheel won't come. While, Susheel makes her entry. Susheel recalls everything what Satya said and is emotional. Susheel tells Naresh and Jai that if Mehul cannot come then at least let her talk to him in video call. Naresh calls Mehul and tells him that wedding is just going to happen. 

Ikyawann 9 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Mehul is happy. Satya looks at Susheel angrily. Susheel decides to make everything correct among Satya and Susheel's family. Susheel and Satya get married, with a different motive in their mind. Besides, Satya thinks about his revenge against Susheel. Satya takes the sindoor while is very furious. He looks at Leela and applies it. 


Leela hugs Susheel and taunts Kali. Kali decides to keep the camera safely as it is the only way to happiness of Satya and Susheel.

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