Ikyawann 9th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 09, 2018

Ikyawann 9th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 10th January 2018 Precap

Satya gets up while Susheel's hand fall over Satya's piggy bag and it falls down. Satya shouts her saying she broke it. He was going to bring ice cream for her. Susheel says sorry while Satya says why is she saying sorry. Satya she has to keep this money as she suffered from this accident because of him. He says sorry while Susheel what did happen and why is he sorry for. Susheel says it was just an accident. Satya asks it means everyting is ok between us. Susheel says yes and she repairs his piggy bag and gives him back. Satya was about to leave while Mehul was talking on his phone. Satya asks her if they don't sleep. Susheel says he is also awake and he came to meet me. Satya asks her if he can sit here for a while till everyone sleeps. Susheel says fine. Satya asks Susheel to sleep while Satya challenges her that she will sleep before he leaves. Satya and Susheel both fall asleep. In the morning Mehul comes to Susheel's room and he looks at Susheel. Mehul finds Satya sleeping near the window and is shocked. Mehul shouts at Susheel and he asks her what is he doing here. Susheel wakes Satya. Mehul asks Satya about what is he doing here. Susheel says he came last night to see if I am fine. Mehul says he does not say something it means.. While Satya says he wanted to leave while he fell asleep here and he says he is leaving. Mehul tells do not tell Dadi and Dadaji that he was here whole night. Mehul asks him to get fresh and he will give him breakfast to eat. Satya says no thanks while Susheel asks Satya to wait. Susheel gets up while she feels pain and Satya runs to help. Mehul looks at Satya.

Ikyawann 9th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Satya says he will get fresh. Susheel tells Mehul about Satya that he came here to give her money. Susheel gets emotional while Mehul hugs her. Susheel says she wanted to buy phone for Dada and Dadi. Bakhe asks Mehul to bring coconuts while coming home. Meanwhile, Kali reaches Susheel's house and she finds Satya's bike there. Satya opens the door. Kali asks him what is he doing here. Kali reaches to Susheel's room while Mehul also comes home. Satya goes to bring hot water while Mehul comes and asks why is he taking hot water. Satya says his mom is here. Mehul asks where she is he wants to meet. Satya says she is in Susheel's room. Meanwhile, Kali comes out in search of pain relief spray. Kali looks for spray while she finds the frames of Susheel and her family. Kali walks near it. Susheel tells Mehul that Satya's mom went in search of pain relief. Kali was keeping the frame while she looks at Mehul and thinks Susheel is his daughter and gets worried. Besides, Mehul also gets worried looking at Kali and says Satya is your son.


Naresh tells Mehul that Susheel and Satya like each other. Jai says even if this is truth they how will they make their alliance from the house where they rejected Mehul's alliance.

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