Ikyawann: Kali saves Susheel from the dangerous attack of Jaanoo

Nov 15, 2017

Ikyawann Spoiler, Upcoming Story: Jaanoo's dangerous attempt to kill Susheel, gets saved in the nick of time

The Star Plus latest venture Ikyawann is up for some high voltage drama in Susheel's life. In the upcoming track, Mehul takes Susheel to a fair. Meanhwile, Jaano also comes there following Susheel. On the other hand, Satya, Kali and her husband were also present in the fair. Jaanoo keeps her watch on Susheel while she adds poison in Susheel's candy floss to make her faint. Mehul gets worried as Susheel goes missing in the village fair. Susheel eats it and gets faint. Meanwhile, Jaanoo packs Susheel in a sack while Satya and his brother comes there running. Jaanoo leaves the sack and runs away. Kali and her husband comes there and look at the sack and find Susheel inside. They replace the sack with a mannequin and they take along Susheel with them. Besides, Jaanoo takes the sack and throws it in front of a truck and assumes Susheel to be dead. Find out on Ikyawann tonight at 8-30 pm. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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