Ikyawann Latest News: Satya and Susheel's romantic holi in Ikyawann

Mar 13, 2018

Ikyawann: Satya (Namish Taneja) wins the tug of war challenge by cheating 

Star Plus most popular show Ikyawann is up for some major in the holi episode of Satya and Susheel. Satya's hidden love for Susheel will get revealed this holi. Satya and Susheel will gear up for the tug of war challenge amid the girls and boys. Satya will again cheat to win the match and he will flirt with Susheel to make her lose. Satya gives her flying kisses while Susheel gets lost looking at Satya and she will leave the rope. Susheel will fall in Satya's arms and will lose the match. Satya's team will dance on their victory. Susheel will also recall their past when Satya cheated to win the trophy. Susheel and Satya love story will groove more as both will be celebrating holi and get romantic with bhaang consumption. 

Satya and Susheel's holi romance

Satya will also express his feelings for Susheel. This will be the beginning of Susheel and Satya's love story. Leela will be furious to see Satya close to Susheel. Meanwhile, everyone will celebrate the festival of colors with love. Find out on Ikyawann. Stay tuned for more gossips and updates. 

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