Ikyawann: Leela finds that Susheel is in Surat and attempts to kill

Nov 15, 2017

Ikyawann Upcoming Twist: Leela's comes to know that Mehul and her daughter is in Surat and decides to kill Susheel

The upcoming episode of Star Plus latest venture Ikyawann viewers will get to witness exciting twist with high voltage drama and twist in the show. Leela goes in search of Susheel as she takes revenge from Satya for hiding the shoes. On the other hand, Leela Devi has enter Surat with a aim to destroy the Parekh family. Besides, Jaanoo informs Leela that Susheel and her family is here in Surat. Meanwhile, Susheel and her family is living happily which wont stay for long. Leela plans to kill Susheel. In the upcoming track, Leela will follow Susheel to her school and will kidnap her in a jute sac. Jaanoo will throw Susheel in front of a truck to die. Will Susheel die ? Is the girl kidnapped is Susheel? Find out on Ikyawann tonight at 8-30 Pm only on Star Plus. Till then keep reading this space for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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