Ikyawann News: Susheel and Satya's grooving love story Satya guilty

Dec 21, 2017

Ikyawann: Leela caught Susheel (Prachi Tehlan) and Satya (Namish Taneja) together plans revenge

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus show Ikyawann is up for some high voltage drama with a twist. The Dandiya track will showcase a drama where Leela will catch Satya (Namish Taneja) and Susheel (Prachi Tehlan) spending time together. Leela will assume that they are a couple and she gets furious. On confrontation, Satya will explain that he has been challenged under a bet where he will have to make Susheel fall for him only to break her heart. Leela will derive a sadistic pleasure by this information and will await this moment. On the other hand, Susheel will really fall in love with Satya. Also, in one of the sequences driving to the high voltage drama, Susheel will meet with an accident, a worried Satya will reach the hospital to find out about her well being. On meeting her there, he will realise that Susheel is indeed a good-hearted. He will feel guilty about the bet plan. And because Satya is the hero of the show, he will eventually fall in love with his heroine – Susheel. Find out on Ikyawann only on Star Plus. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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