Ikyawann Spoiler: Leela accepts Susheel's alliance with Satya for revenge

Jan 16, 2018

Ikyawann: Leela plans revenge against Mehul for refusing Kiran

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus show Ikyawann is up for some high voltage drama. As per the current track, Mehul takes all his courage to talk about Susheel and Satya's alliance. Besides, Mehul tells that Susheel and Satya are good friends and they like each other. Leela finds that they failed in the attempt to kill Susheel and she got another chance for revenge. Besides, Kali learns that Susheel was the girl they saved in her childhood and Leela was the person who attempted to kill Susheel. On the other hand, Leela decides to take this opportunity and make Susheel suffer more.

Leela forces Satya to marry Susheel for revenge

Mehul and others are worried about Leela's decision while she comes home and Leela accepts Susheel and Satya's proposal. Leela also pays the dues of Rasik which was pending by Bakhe and Mehul. On the other hand, Leela tells Satya about Kiran's mental condition and she says that Susheel's father Mehul is responsible for it. Satya is shcoked to know this while Leela asks him to marry Susheel for revenge from Mehul's family. Will Satya agree to take revenge from Susheel and her family? Find out on Ikyawann only on Star Plus. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists. 

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