Ikyawann: Susheel and Satya's past battle of family to be revealed

Nov 22, 2017

Ikyawann Upcoming Twist; Kiran's past story with Susheel's (Prachi Tehlan) family come forth Satya ( Namish Taneja)

The upcoming episode of Star Plus latest show Ikyawann is up for some interesting twist in tale. Ikyawann is a story of a tomboyish girl who is raised up by her father Mehul Parekh and other male members in the family. While, Leela wants to ruin Mehul Parekh and his family for rejecting Kiran. The show is now up for Susheel and Satya's rivalry. But soon their rivalry will turn into their love story. Meanwhile, Satya and Susheel are unaware of their family's past. Satya's bua Kiran loved Mehul while he rejected her love and thus Leela Devi wants revenge and decides to ruin Susheel and her family. The story will show Satya and Susheel's fight soon as Satya will learn about Kiran's past story from Leela Devi. Leela will make Satya against Susheel's family to win over her plans. Will Satya ever learn that Leela killed Susheel's mother? Will he come to know about Leela's evil conspiracy? Find out on Ikyawann only on Star Plus tonight at 8-30 PM. Till then stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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