Ikyawann Upcoming Story: Leela's master plan against Susheel gets recorded

Feb 02, 2018

Ikyawann: Leela to trap Susheel in her master plan

Star Plus popular daily soap Ikyawann is up for major drama in the wedding sequence of Satya and Susheel. Leela is ready to trap Susheel in her plans and is very excited for the wedding. Leela dances happily and makes a grand welcome of Susheel and her family. Susheel is not happy as Mehul has yet not reached the place. Susheel keeps on waiting assuming that Mehul will come. On the other hand, Leela makes her last plan to prove Susheel mad at the wedding. Susheel has also found the video recording which Jhano mistakenly sends to Susheel. Susheel learns that it was not her hallucination and something is really fishy. Besides, Leela gives a bunch of gift full of ornaments to Susheel and plans to electrocute Susheel through a necklace. Meanwhile, Vishu has left his camera on in Satya's room and the whole conversation and video gets recorded of Leela and Jhano.

Leela to prove Susheel mad during the wedding

Leela makes Susheel wear the ornaments of her choice. Jhano gets ready to click the button. Will Leela prove Susheel to be mentally unstable? Will Leela's game plans get revealed? It will be interesting to see if Susheel will be saved by Leela's revenge drama? Find out on Ikyawann. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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