Ikyawann Upcoming Story: Satya and Susheel's bike ride in trouble in Ikyawann

Nov 28, 2017

Ikyawann Upcoming Twist: Satya's (Namish Taneja) strategy to make Susheel fall in his love while slowly he is falling too

The upcoming episode of Star Plus latest venture Ikyawann is up for some intersting twist in tale amid Satya and Susheel's relationship. As per the current track, Satya is seen impressing Susheel all the time as he wants to win his bet. On the other other hand, Satya is also slowly falling for Susheel but is not aware of it. Susheel still hates him Satya and keeps ignoring him. Meanwhile, Leela hates their friendship and keeps on troubling Susheel. In the upcoming track, Satya does friendship with Susheel and offers her to drop home from his bike. Susheel disagrees but Satya anyhow convinces her and this bike ride puts them in a big trouble. Satya and Susheel's bike ride turns into an accident and both fall down. Lets wait and watch what more twists and turns will be in Susheel and Satya's grooving love story. Find out on Ikyawann only on Star Plus. Satay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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