Ikyawann Upcoming Story: Satya to trouble Susheel with a dog

Feb 13, 2018

Ikywann: Satya and Leela's conspiracy against Susheel (Prachi Tehlan)

Star Plus popular show Ikyawann is up for some interesting twist in Satya and Susheel's war+love story. Susheel has married Satya with a motive to repay her maapa's mistakes. On the other hand, Satya is furious that Leela conducted his wedding with Susheel and he does not know the reason why. Susheel knows that Satya does not like her and she is already hurt but has married him only for her family. Satya decides to take revenge from Susheel and he decides to make her life hell. In the upcoming episode, Satya will start playing his revenge games with Susheel. Satya knows that Susheel is scared of dogs and thus he sends a dog in his room of scare of Susheel. On the other hand, Leela also plans her ugly games against Susheel while Kali keeps a watch on her.

Satya troubles Susheel

Susheel gets worried and she shouts for Maapaa. Sejal has decorated the room for Susheel and Satya while everything gets messed. Kali will assume it to be Leela's plan and will warn her against it. What more struggles will Susheel have to face? Stay tuned for more updates. 

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