Ikyawann Upcoming Story: Susheel gets frozen Leela enjoys seeing her in trouble

Feb 06, 2018

Ikyawann: Leela comes to save Susheel from the goons

Star Plus upcoming daily soap Ikyawann is up for some major drama in the upcoming episode. Susheel is worried that Maapa has not yet reached her wedding and thus she goes out to find Mehul. Meanwhile, Susheel gets kidnapped by the goons while she defends to save herself. While the goons hit her and make her unconscious to take her ornaments. They keep Susheel in a deep frozen box. Susheel feels suffocated inside and she struggles to come out. Besides, Leela reaches the place in search of Susheel and she enjoys seeing Susheel in this condition. Leela stands above the box to irritate Susheel more. Later, Leela acts to save Susheel and shows her love and affection towards her.

Leela calms Susheel (Prachi Tehlan)

Leela acts good to Susheel and she calms her while Susheel asks Leela to call the police. Leela gets scared over Susheel's decision and she asks her to calm down and think before taking any such step. Now lets wait and watch what more twists will Satya and Susheel's wedding bring ahead. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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