Ikyawann Upcoming Twist: Susheel- Satya's ego clash post marriage in Ikywann

Feb 09, 2018

Ikyawann Latest News: Susheel marries Satya to repent Mehul's mistakes

Star Plus popular show Ikyawann is up for some major saas-bahu drama in the upcoming episodes of the show. Star Plus show Ikyawann (Panaroman Entertainment) has seen enough drama between Satya (Namish Taneja) and Susheel (Prachi Tehlan) where neither of the two are happy to get married to each other. Susheel finally learns the fact that Satya is taking revenge because it was her dad who promised to marry Leela’s daughter Kiran. Susheel’s father did not keep his promise as his wife was pregnant. As an act of repentance and to get the family together, Susheel will gets married to Satya. Satya and Susheel have got married despite an ego clash. The truth that they know about Leela and Kiran is incomplete. 

Saas Bhau drama ahead

In the upcoming episodes, Leela and Susheel will be battling it out through various challenges. Leela will create major havoc in Susheel's life and she has her eye on the camera that Kali has. This ‘saas-bahu’ drama will definitely be an interesting watch. Stay tuned for more updates.

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