Ikywann 12 February 2018 Written Update, Satya shows his true colors to Susheel

Feb 13, 2018

Ikyawann 13th February 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikywann 14th February 2018 Precap

Suheel calls Mehul while she gets scared looking at the dog. Susheel shouts for Mehul's help while Leela cuts the phone line. Mehul tries calling her while the call gets connected in Leela's landline. She picks up and says that the number is busy. Mehul tries and she says the number is out of coverage. Mehul gets worried. Kali comes there and asks Leela to stop. Meanwhile, Satya comes there and he closes the door. Leela stops Kali. Leela asks Kali to get the camera. Susheel shouts Satya for scaring her with a dog. Susheel and Satya start fighting. Later, Satya shocks Susheel by revealing his true colours. Satya tells that he will ruin her life and he destroys the bed. Susheel asks him to ruin and he will ruin himself. Kali brings the camera and Leela asks her to find it. Kali starts finding the proof while she could not find. The flashback is shown when Kali was in the kitchen and Jhano takes the camera and removes the video footage. 

Satya ignores Leela

Leela comes to Susheel's room talking to Mehul and she tells that Susheel is crying. Susheel takes the call and says that she was missing him. Leela asks Susheel to rest. Kali keeps watch on Leela. In the morning Leela meets Satya while he is angry. Leela tries to convince him. Satya asks her to leave as he does not want to talk to her. Leela gets furious over Susheel that because of her he is ignoring her. 


Susheel goes to pick Satya's dumbbells while he tells she does not need to help him and she will anyhow won't be able to pick it. Satya gets stuck while picking the dumbbells and Susheel comes to help him.

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