Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Police blames Dhani for kidnapping Viplav's son

Jun 20, 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dhani (Sanjeeda Sheikh) angry knowing that Viplav (Mishal Raheja) accused her for Atharva going missing

The upcoming episodes of Ishq Ka Rang Safed will show a new misunderstanding getting developed between Dhani and Viplav as Viplav’s son Atharva goes missing. Vidha comes to meet Viplav without informing Dhani about it. Viplav makes Vidha meet Atharva and the two get along immediately. Atharva asks Dhani about her father and she says that he is not ether. Atharva tells Vidha to call Viplav as Papa till her own pap does not come back. Dhani and Parasya reach there and Dhani gets surprised seeing Vidha and Atharva together. Dhani hears Vidha calling Viplav as Papa and asks her not to call him by that name. Dhani tries to take Vidha away from there but Viplav says that he will drop Vidha home by car. Dhani tries to refuse it but Viplav says that his daughter will travel in the luxury of a car. Dhani once again makes attempts to prove to Viplav that Dhani is not his daughter but Viplav does not but her story. Later, Dhani and Vidha are in Viplav’s car and Viplav also give her many expensive toys. Dhani tells Viplav not to show off his money and Viplav retorts saying that he is not showing of but is doing all this only for his daughter. When Viplav returns home, he finds Atharva missing and gets tensed. Kamini come there and creates a big scene as Atharva is not there and also does drama of fainting. Kamini and Viplav go the police station and the police asks about who had come to visit them. Kamini tells him about Dhani and Parasya and the policemen says that he will interrogate them. Viplav is angry hearing the policeman’s words and says that they can never do such a thing. However, the police will land at Dhani’s house and question her and Parasya for Atharva going missing. Dhani will be shocked to know that Viplav and Kamini have sent the police to her house.

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