Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dhani accuses Viplav of cheating on her with Kamini

Jul 07, 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Viplav (Mishal Raheja) makes Dhani (Sanjeeda Sheikh) meet her father and she is overwhelmed

The upcoming episodes of Ishq Ka Rang Safed will show Dhani finally telling Viplav the reason why she left him and went away 5 years back. It was recently seen that Viplav sees Dulaari’s picture in Anshuman Kashyap’s wallet and realizes that Dualari’s husband is alive. Viplav meets Dhani and tells her that her father is not dead and Dhani gets emotional hearing this. Viplav wants Dhani to get more information about this matter from Dulaari so that thy can find out the truth about Dulaari taking on a widow avtaar despite her husband being alive.

Dhani confronts her mother about her father and Dulaari immediately gets angry and asks Dhani not to talk about the past. Dulaari and Dhani both get emotional and Dhani thinks that she will never try to get into Dulaari’s past again. Dhani tells Viplav that she is not interested in knowing about her father as Dulaari is pained by the mention of his name.

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However, Viplav is keen to meet Anshuman and tells Dhani that he will go to his house even if she is not interested in coming along. Finally Dhani agrees to accompany Viplav to Anshuman’s house. Dhani gets overwhelmed to see her father and touches his feet. Viplav asks Anshuman about his wife and he says that she has died. Both Dhani and Viplav are puzzled to hear this. Anshuman praises Viplav and Dhani for their Jodi saying that they are like Ram and Sita. After meeting her father Dhani gets determined to know about her past and will want to unravel the secret that her mother is hiding from her.

On the other hand, Viplav demands Dhani to tell him why she walked away from his life and Dhani will finally reveal that she had witnessed him embracing Kamini and cheating in her. Viplav and Dhani’s confrontation will help Dhani and Viplav to reconcile with one another.

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