Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dhani lies to Viplav about Parasya being her husband

Jun 15, 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Viplav (Mishal Raheja) heartbroken as Dhani (Eisha Singh) says that she does not love him

Viplav and Dhani finally come face to face in the current track of Ishq Ka Rang Safed but there is a lot of drama and bitterness between them. Dhani comes to the reception party knowing well that Viplav and Kamini are also present there. Dhani tells Parasya about Viplav being her husband and Parasya gets shocked as he loves Dhani. The hosts of the party announce a dance and Dhani and Parasya are forced to come together on the dance floor. Finally the partners get changed and Dhani and Viplav end up dancing with each other. Viplav does not immediately recognize Dhani because of the masks on their faces but he recognizes her touch. Audiences get to see the emotional moment when Viplav realizes that the girl in front of him is Dhani.

Viplav finally takes off Dhani’s mask and is overwhelmed knowing that his beloved wife is alive. Viplav questions Dhani for not meeting him although she was alive. Viplav tells Dhani that the police had informed him of her being killed in the blast. However, Viplav admits that he was always sure of her being alive. However, Dhani tries to get away from Viplav and Viplav is stunned seeing her behavior. Dhani tells Viplav that she does not love him and Viplav refuses to believe it. Parasya intervenes and asks Viplav to step away from Dhani.

However, Viplav asks Parasya to back off saying that the matter is between a husband and wife. Dhani lies to Viplav that she has married Parasya and Viplav gets a big shock. Kamini comes there and pretends to be concerned for Viplav and Dhani. Dhani walks away from there taking Parasya along with her and Viplav is completely heartbroken seeing this. It will now be seen that Parasya will come to know about Dhani and Viplav’s past and will decide to teach Viplav a lesson. However, Dhani still loves Viplav deeply and she will ask Parasya not to touch him.

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