Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dhani & Viplav against each other in Richa-Deepak matter

Jun 07, 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dhani (Eisha Singh) opposes Viplav’s (Mishal Raheja) idea getting Richa and Deepak married

The upcoming episodes of Ishq Ka Rang Safed will show Viplav and Dhani finally coming face to face as they try to get Richa and Deepak united before Richa gets married to someone else. Dhani tells Richa and Deepak that she will help them out. Richa says that Bhaiyya (Viplav) has promised her that he will get her married to Deepak. However, Dhani asks Richa not to take any decision which will hurt her parents. Dhaani promises the couple that she will speak to Mrs. Kaushik.

Dhani tries several times to break the news to Mrs. Kaushik but she does not get an opportunity. On the other side, Viplav and Vidha are having a good time and also have a laddo eating competition. Viplav goes to bring water for Vidha but Vidha gets locked in the store room. Vidha starts shouting for help and Viplav tries to break down the door to get Vidha out. Dhani comes to know about a little girl being locked inside a store room and she realizes that it must be Vidha. Viplav manages to push the door open but gets taken away by someone as his hand gets injured. Dhani reaches the store room but Viplav already leaves from there.

Vidha tells Dhani that Rakshas uncle saved her and Dhani thinks that she has to meet the man as he has helped them twice. However, Richa is annoyed with Dhani for not being able to talk to Mrs. Kaushik and she says that she will take Viplav’s help to get married with Deepak. It will now be seen that Dhani will want to meet the man who has been instigating Deepak and Richa to marry. Dhani goes to store room and asks him not to help Richa and Deepak to marry. Viplav puts the light on and the two of them get shocked seeing each other.

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