Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Mishal Raheja’s massive pay hike revealed

Jul 26, 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Makers of show have agreed to pay Rs 1.6 lacks per day to Mishal Raheja (Viplav) post his return on the show

Mishal Raheja has been missing out from Ishq Ka Rang Safed for a long time now and fans are quite disappointed by is absence. Mishal’s absence from the show is because of an issue which started off more than a month back. As reported earlier, Mishal was unhappy about the fees that he was being paid being the lead actor of IKRS. Mishal felt that he was being underpaid owing to the fact that the show was running for 7 days a week. Rumors were going around that Mishal would quit the show but the actor refuted all such talks. However, a few weeks later, the shocking news came about in the media that Mishal had quit the show. The actor gave a statement in the media saying that his contract with the series is over and the makers have not renewed it. It was speculate that the makers of the show were not ready to pay up the amount quoted by the actor and therefore decided to do away with him. Mishal wrapped up with IKRS and set out to London for a vacation. However, Mishal’s absence from the show has led to sudden drop in the popularity of the series. Ardent fans of IKRS demanded Mishal to come back as the show lost its charm without him. The makers realized that the IKRS would never run well in Mishal’s absence and coaxed the actor to rejoin the series. The latest news coming around is that the makers have agreed to pay Mishal Rs 1.6 lacks per day. This may seem as a huge amount but Mishal feels that his demands are justified as he is putting in a lot of hardwork and he is also the face of the show. Fans can rejoice as Mishal will soon make a comeback to the series and his re-entry is will surely be a big relief for his fans.

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