Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Viplav mourns Dhani’s death & goes into depression

May 29, 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed latest news: Dhani (Eisha Singh) and Viplav (Mishal Singh) separated forever, Dhani dies in bomb blast

Ishq Ka Rang Safed will now move to a new track as the show is all set to take a 5 year time leap. Lots of drama and twists take place between Viplav and Dhani as the two lovers get separated. Dhani is pregnant and wants to in from Viplav about it as she is sure that he will reunite with her once again after getting this news. Dhani reaches Viplav’s house but she is not allowed inside. Dhani decides to climb through the window and reach viplav’s room. On the other hand, Viplav is drunk and feels guilty for slapping Dhani. Kamini is with Viplav and Viplav says that he did a big mistake by slapping Dhani. However, Kamini sees Dhani coming to the room and hugs Viplav saying that he did a big mistake by marry Dhani. Dhani seeds Viplav and Kamini in an intimate position and leaves from there being completely shattered. Dhani tells Dulari that her relation with Viplav is broken as he is with Kamini and also regrets marrying her. Another twist takes place as Tripurari places a bomb in Suwarna’s bag. Suwarna reaches the ashram and meets Dhani. Dhani sees the bomb in Suwarna’s bag and takes it. Dhani falls on her stomach and the bomb also bvlasts. Later, Viplav gets a call from the police informing that all the women of the Ashram have died in the bomb blast. Viplav is shocked hearing that he has lost Dhani forever. It will now be seen that the show will take a 5 year time leap and Viplav will be seen mourning Dhani’s death. Viplav will wear Dhani’s mangalsutra around his hand and will not want to part with her memories. Dashrath will try to coax Viplav to forget Dhani but Viplav will not be ready for this. Is Dhani really dead? Will Dhani and Viplav unite again? Let’s wait and watch.

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