Ishq ka Rang Safed: Viplav returns and feels Vidha’s pain as she gets trapped in locked car

Jul 25, 2016

Ishq ka Rang Safed:  Dhani (Sanjeeda Sheikh) agrees to marry Parasya for Vidha’s sake despite of loving Viplav (Mishal Raheja)

The upcoming episodes of Ishq ka Rang Safed will show that Dhani will finally take the decision to get married to Parasya so that Vidha can get father’s love. Vidha runs away from home and goes to Parasya’s house and asks him whether he is her papa or not. Parasya says the truth to Vidha that he is her baba and not her father. Vidha is upset hearing this and runs away from there thinking that she will search for her papa. On the other hand, Dhani and Dulari are worried for Vidha and go around searching for her. Parasya too is tensed and sets out in search of Vidha despite of his ill condition. Finally Dhani sees Vidha and chases her but Vidha locks herself in a car. Dhani tries to open the car but Vidha gets locked up inside. Dhani tries desperately to free her daughter but is unable to do so. Vidha start getting suffocated in the car and Dhani gets worried. While Vidha is trapped in the car, another man is shown being restless. The other man is none other than Viplav who feels Vidha’s pain and suffering despite of being apart from her. Finally Parasya reaches there and breaks open the glass of the car and rescues Vidha. Vidha thinks that Parasya is her papa and therefore he saved her life.  Parasya’s mother tells Dhani to consider turning her friendship with Parasya into marital bond as Vidha needs a father. It will now be seen that Dulaari too will coax Dhani to marry Parasya and Dhani will finally agree for Vidha’s happiness. At the same time, Viplav will also make a re-entry in Dhani’s life just as she is about to start  a new journey. Stay tuned for more updates on Ishq Ka Rang Safed. Also Read:

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