Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Viplav's letter to Dhani  asking her to marry Parsaya

Jul 24, 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Vidha goes missing searching Viplav (Mishal Raheja), Dhani (Sanjeeda Sheikh) sets out in search for Vidha

The current track of Ishq Ka Rang Safed show that Viplav writes a heartfelt letter to Dhani asking her to marry Parasya and move on in her life. Viplav sends Dhani a letter with her mangalsutra saying that Vidha need a father and Parasya can give father’s love to Vidha. Viplav writes that he will go from her life forever. Dhani is heartbroken hearing this. On the other hand, Viplav send s letter to his family too. Dashrath reads the letter where Viplav says that he is going forever and he wants Dashrath to take care of his son Atharva. Dashrath is disturbed reading the letter and Kamini too gets worried knowing that Viplav has left her. Kamini tells Tripurari about this and Tripurari gets happy knowing this news but pretends to be concerned. While Viplav is missing and is untraceable, Vidha is keen to know her father’s identity and demands Dhani to tell her papa’s name. Vidha throws a tantrum and locks herself in a room and later she escapes from the house through the window. Vidha lands up at Parasya’s house and asks her whether he is her papa. Parasya is sad hearing Vidha’s question but tells her the truth that he is not her papa but is her baba. It will now be seen that Dhani and Dulaari will be worried as Vidha will go missing. Vidha will get lost and fall into trouble. Let’s wait and see whether Dhani is able to save Vidha and whether Viplav reaches there to help find Vidha.

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