Ishqbaaz 16th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 16, 2018

Ishqbaaz 16th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ishqbaaz 17th January 2018 Precap

Shivaay comes to meet Veer while Shweta comes and hug Shivaay. Shivaay asks her if everything is fine. She says dad did not do anything and she runs away. Veer says Shivaay that he thought Shivaay would leave. Shivaay asks where. Veer changes his topic and says he told him once that he was leaving Mumbai. Shivaay thanks Veer for helping him. Later, Anika and Shivaay decide ring for Bhavya. Shivaay is tensed while Anika asks him about his problem. Shivaay says he did not thought that they will be selecting ring alone without their family. Anika calms him and says she misses them too and she says that they will arrange the wedding at Oberoi Mansion. Anika asks Shivaay about Shweta. Shivaay tells her that she hugged him as if she was scared. Anika says might be Veer and Manali scolded her and asks him not to overthink. Shivaay and Anika plan Rudra and Bhavya's engagement ceremony and Shivaay tells them about it. The brothers and their partners plan to play a game of role reversal while Veer plans to kill Shivaay. Shivaay and Anika get the role of Rudra and Bhavya. Meanwhile, Monali looks at the pizza and goes to eat it while the girl Lily says she can't eat it. Monali asks why. She says if she eats this Pizza her teeth will come out and she throws the plate of Pizza in front of her. She takes the chakkra and roams around the house breaking things around. 

Ishqbaaz 16th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Veer gets impressed and asks her to kill Shivaay. Shivaay gets ready and he wears Rudra's clothes. Shivaay feels uncomfortable in it as it does not fits him properly. He calls Anika. Anika comes there and she makes Shivaay wear handcuffs. Shivaay looks at her. Anika is dressed up like inspector in Bhavya's get up. Anika starts her acting and gets romantic with Shivaay. Rudra takes Omkar's get up with long hairs. Besides, Omkar dresses up like Shivaay. They both start their acting and Rudra starts saying shayari. Gauri comes there in Anika's look. Later, Bhavya also enters. Meanwhile, the bell rings and Shivaay goes to open the door. Shivaay tells her that they did not order pizza. Shivaay asks if the order is prepaid. Shivaay starts his acting again and calls Omkar for making the payment. He calls him Shivaay which makes the girl confused. Omkar makes the payment and shuts the door. The girl is confused after finding 2 Shivaay. She decides to find the real one and kill him. Meanwhile, Shivaay is standing out and Anika comes to get him. Shivaay tells Anika that they are celebrating without their family. He says it is their rights. Shivaay says he will have to tell the family members.


Shivaay shares his problems to Anika and he decides to resolve the family problems. Later, they perform on the song "Tukur Tukur". 

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