Ishqbaaz 24th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 24, 2018

Ishqbaaz 24th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ishqbaaz 25th January 2018 Precap

Ishqbaaz 24th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode starts with Oberoi family dancing together in Lohri celebration. Shivaay calls the police to check in Outhouse, the dog barks looking at the window. Some time back... Rudra tries to convince Shivaay that he is not joking about the dead body. Shivaay asks Rudra to relax to change the atmosphere, Anika gets annoyed and sides Rudra. Shivaay insists on celebrating Lohri. Shivaay lights up the Lohri and celebrates with Anika, Dadi, Gauri, Bhavya, Rudra, but Anika and Rudra remain shocked. Veer and Svetlana see them and decide to get rid of the dead body. Veer gives a medicine to Svetlana to sprinkle on the body to keep away the odor. Police come with search dogs, all get shocked. Shivaay takes them to the outhouse, Veer gets shocked. Rudra hugs Shivaay for trusting him. The flashback shows Shivaay calling the police. Shivaay says he wanted to divert the attention of the culprit, Veer gets angry. Veer questions Shivaay, Shivaay supports Rudra.

Ishqbaaz 24th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Veer feels sure that police cannot find the dead body. Police search the outhouse but don't find anything. Suddenly the dogs start barking looking towards Shivaay's and Veer's home, Shivaay tells Police to check the homes. Veer gets worried and throws Komal's bangle outside the window. The dogs bark pointing at the bangle, Shivaay and all go out of the window, suddenly Komal's dead body is seen, it falls and Svetlana is seen behind. All get shocked. Veer refuses to recognize Svetlana and traps her. Shivaay asks Police to arrest Svetlana, she threatens Shivaay. Svetlana gets arrested. Shivaay confronts Svetlana, Svetlana says she wanted to avenge Anika for her slap. Svetlana takes the blame to save Veer. Shivaay warns Svetlana to stay away from his family. Oberois unite against Svetlana. Veer thinks of breaking the Oberoi family. Shivaay and Anika feel relieved, Veer feels angry. The flashback shows Svetlana giving a chit to Veer. The chit says she was prepared for his betrayal and tells Veer that Shivaay can be destroyed by another Oberoi only. In the police van, Svetlana gets a call from Veer, he asks her about eh Oberoi who can destroy Shivaay, Svetlana says there is one number in the chit and to call on that. Veer assures Svetlana, inspector stops the van and sets Svetlana free.


Dadi tells Oberoi bahus about kite flying and the Ishqbaazi.

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