Ishqbaaz 30 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 30, 2018

Ishqbaaz 30 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ishqbaaz 31 January 2018 Precap

Tej tells Shivaay that he separated his sons from him. Shivaay gets emotional and tells him that he loves his brothers. Tej tells Shivaay that he wants to take his place in their life. Tej tells Shivaay that he had to take the medicines to fake his heart attack. Meanwhile, Anika enters there and hears it. Veer reaches near Shivaay's plot. Anika requests Tej to let go off all the bitterness he has for Shivaay. She says that he loves his family a lot. Tej says that there is no point of discussing as they can't stay together now. Shivaay says he cannot separate his brothers from him and he leaves with Anika. Veer decides to destroy Shivaay and gets ready to burn his wealth to dust. Anika hugs everyone and Shivaay asks Rudra and Om to take care of Tej. Omkara and Rudra tell Tej that they have packed Tej's luggage and asks him to leave. Omkara says the world can change but he cannot and he says he knows that he faked his heart attack. Flashback- when they hear the conversation of Shivaay with Tej. Dadi is shocked. Omkara and Rudra support Shivaay. They ask Tej to leave. Shivaay Om and Rudra share an emotional moment. Omkara and Rudra bend to take Shivaay's blessings. They call Shivaay thier father as he has given them so much love.

Ishqbaaz 30 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Shivaay hugs them. Omkara tells Shivaay that they will never get back to Tej until he gets off his ego and pride. Tej is furious and he tells Veer about everything. Veer asks him to relax. He says he got a chance to execute his plan. He says that he will snatch away everything of Shivaay. Veer says he will destroy Shivaay's name. Meanwhile, Shivaay gets a call and he is shocked. Veer burns Shivaay's plot.


Shivaay reaches the place and looks that his plot has burnt. Anika calls if everything is fine. Shivaay says yes and cuts the call. Shivaay says everything is falling apart.

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